Richard Branson said that communication is the most important skill any leader can possess.

The ability to clearly be able to express your thoughts and feelings means that your people – staff, colleagues, athletes and other stakeholders – will have a better understanding of who you are and what you stand for.

When leaders communicate well, they motivate, educate and inspire. They earn trust and they can encourage others to take action. They create a connection that is honest, emotional and genuine. They take time to understand others and they know how to “speak human”.

This Executive Mentoring program is designed to support your online and offline communication activities. It will help you engage with your people and it will increase trust. It achieves this by helping leaders up-skill their connection, communication and engagement skills, particularly when using digital and social media.

Executive mentoring is for leaders who want to:

  • drive messages for transformational change
  • amplify their professional presence online
  • create content that is clear, compassionate and consistent
  • save time with managing their communication
  • increase awareness of their organisation
  • demonstrate their expertise and become more inspiring with their communication
  • become more influential and trusted.

Mentoring programs are run for six or twelve months.

Working with Mel provided me with the discipline and structure to regularly communicate with clarity and empathy to my staff, members and industry colleagues. Our mentoring sessions gave me the space to reflect on what was needed and the opportunity to draw upon her deep expertise and enthusiasm. Mel shared simple and clear frameworks, communication and practical examples drawn from her wealth of experience. If you are looking to improve your digital presence, speak to Mel.

Aaron Newman

CEO, Queensland Country Bank