Mel Kettle is an expert at communication that builds trust. She understands how to create strategies that have immediate, meaningful impact. Like baking a cake, it’s essential to have the right ingredients to communicate with clarity, compassion and consistency.

With more than two decades of experience in strategic communication and leadership and a unique educational combination of a Master of Business (Marketing) and a Master of Public Health, Mel is a valuable asset to leaders and teams that want achieve real connection and sustained engagement.

Clients rave about Mel’s sharp insight, her ability to simplify the complex and her capacity to mobilise people and ideas so they can increase their visibility and influence.

How I can help you:


Together we develop your communication and engagement strategy.

Social media

Practical social media advice to engage with your customers


Short or long term coaching to improve performance and skills


Topics include marketing, social media, health and wellness at work


Access Mel’s expertise, experience, advice and contacts


Improve your communication, writing and social media skills

“Our research centre has benefitted enormously from Mel’s ability to deliver solutions for a diverse set of challenges – communications and media, event coordination and committee secretariat.

We have engaged Mel Kettle as a consultant for over ten years. She has done an excellent job managing a number of projects for us and has consistently delivered high-quality work within tight timeframes. Mel’s professionalism, work ethic and enthusiasm make her a pleasure to work with.”

Dr Keith Hampson – CEOSustainable Built Environment National Research Centre

“Mel’s starting point of sincere interest in strategically building our social media presence was very rare indeed! Mel proved to be a perfect choice. She not only did her homework to make sure she understood our context, what we wanted and what would work for us, she also brought to the table very simple suggestions that actually work.”

Fiona Forrest, Ipswich Art Gallery

“We really appreciated the Social Media Workshop that Mel delivered, particularly with its focus on using twitter for researchers and academics. The session gave us a great background on the role social media is playing within universities, and by researchers and students to promote research and connect with others working in similar fields.”

Clare Murray, QUT’S Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland

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