Mel Kettle is an expert at communication that builds trust. She understands how to create strategies that have immediate, meaningful impact. Like baking a cake, it’s essential to have the right ingredients to communicate with clarity, compassion and consistency.

With more than two decades of experience in strategic communication and leadership and a unique educational combination of a Master of Business (Marketing) and a Master of Public Health, Mel is a valuable asset to leaders and teams that want achieve real connection and sustained engagement.

Clients rave about Mel’s sharp insight, her ability to simplify the complex and her capacity to mobilise people and ideas so they can increase their visibility and influence.

People often ask what I do.

I partner with service-based, usually purpose-driven organisations, targeting three core areas:

1. Developing connected leaders who motivate, engage and inspire. Leaders who understand what it means to lead themselves first. They also know their purpose and their people, and they are confident in communicating courageously – with clarity, consistency and compassion.

2. Creating collaborative workplaces that have a culture of belonging where people thrive. Organisations with an engaged workforce have a stronger sense of purpose, a strategic framework, and greater results.

3. Designing a marketplace strategy that leads to consumer confidence. We gather insights to inform and influence while positioning your organisation to earn trust. By leveraging insight, we can identify new opportunities, re-examine existing markets, and observe behaviours and motivations with a fresh perspective.

“Working with Mel provided me with the discipline and structure to regularly communicate with clarity and empathy to my staff, members and industry colleagues. Our mentoring sessions gave me the space to reflect on what was needed and the opportunity to draw upon her deep expertise and enthusiasm. Mel shared simple and clear frameworks, communication and practical examples drawn from her wealth of experience. If you are looking to improve your digital presence, speak to Mel.”

Aaron Newman, Group CEO, Queensland Country Bank

“Mel has assisted our organisation over a number of years enabling us to have meaningful engagement with our members through all our social media platforms. Mel has a unique understanding of communication and how this can be the most effective for leaders as well as businesses. She is also a great facilitator of all things marketing bringing together people and ideas to create clear objectives with a stepped plan on how to achieve them. I would highly recommend Mel to any business to assist them in becoming more visible and impactful through the way they communicate.”

Jodie Long, CEO, Australasian Sonographers Association

“I have worked with Mel a number of times and on each and every occasion she has shown exemplary professionalism and provided the highest quality training and presentation services. I have chosen Mel specifically because she has an outstanding and clearly demonstrated people-centred focus, along with the experience and skills to deliver impact in this area. Mel delivered the closing keynote at the Transform Conference 2019, which was extremely well received by delegates and for which she received top class feedback in the post conference survey. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a speaker or trainer at any level.”

Grant Smyth, Communication and Conference Manager, Connecting Up Inc. & TechSoup NZ

“Mel shares her expertise in a generous, articulate and meaningful way that also demonstrates how much she cares about the people she works with, for and about. Her knowledge is exceptional and being around her is energising. She has an unwavering commitment to share information and communication and that vibe lasts long after any interaction you share with her.”

Debra Cerasa CEO, Jobs Australia

“Mel is an engaging and entertaining speaker who delivers up-to-date and relevant content on a wide variety of marketing and social media topics. She uses real life case studies to illustrate and deliver her messages and theoretical content, and tailors her message for the audience. Delegate feedback for Mel’s session is always excellent, and for this reason we invite her to present at our events year after year. I would highly recommend Mel to present to any industry or profession, and from a small seminar to a large plenary session.”

Emma Fernance, Events Manager, Pharmacy Guild of Australia

“We really appreciated the Social Media Workshop that Mel delivered, particularly with its focus on using twitter for researchers and academics. The session gave us a great background on the role social media is playing within universities, and by researchers and students to promote research and connect with others working in similar fields.”

Clare Murray, QUT’S Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland

“Our research centre has benefitted enormously from Mel’s ability to deliver solutions for a diverse set of challenges – communications and media, event coordination and committee secretariat.

We have engaged Mel Kettle as a consultant for over ten years. She has done an excellent job managing a number of projects for us and has consistently delivered high-quality work within tight timeframes. Mel’s professionalism, work ethic and enthusiasm make her a pleasure to work with.”

Dr Keith Hampson – CEOSustainable Built Environment National Research Centre

“Mel’s starting point of sincere interest in strategically building our social media presence was very rare indeed! Mel proved to be a perfect choice. She not only did her homework to make sure she understood our context, what we wanted and what would work for us, she also brought to the table very simple suggestions that actually work.”

Fiona Forrest, Ipswich Art Gallery

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