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Welcome to Mel Kettle Consulting

In 2006 I quit my job to become a marketing communication consultant, and I haven’t looked back. My first client is still a client, as they, like all my clients, seek to create a positive difference to people’s lives.

The most important factor that comes into play when I take on a new client is that we share common values – gratitude, integrity, honesty, a sense of social justice and a willingness to work hard for a successful outcome.

I work with my clients to help them build strong relationships that will create communities. This is done using a range of communication strategies and tactics. I am particularly determined to encourage my clients to embrace social media as it is a great tool to increase awareness of your brand, your product, your expertise, and, when done well, it enhances the service you provide to your stakeholders.

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Snapchat for beginners

Snapchat for beginners

I am having a little love affair with Snapchat at the moment. It's fun to use and it's a great way to share images and video with friends. Contrary to the common perception, Snapchat is not new, as it launched in 2011. According to projections, Snapchat is on track to expand its active US user base by… Read more

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Celebrating 10 years in business

Celebrating 10 years in business

My tenth anniversary since starting Mel Kettle Consulting almost slipped past unnoticed. Which seems sort of wrong given how few small businesses even celebrate one year. On the latest episode of my podcast, A Great Recipe for Life, my friend Warwick Merry reminds me that we need to celebrate success, and usually I'm all for that. My… Read more

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Sensis Social Media Report 2016 summary

How Australians are using social media

I'm always fascinated by how people use social media - where, when, how long, how often. Equally, it frustrates me that much of the research is USA centric. While parallels can be drawn, it's fantastic to read the Sensis Social Media Report 2016, which showcases how Australian people and businesses are using social media. I… Read more

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Why Pokémon Go is good for you

Why Pokémon Go is good for you (yes, really!)

In just over a week Pokémon Go has done what few, if any, national public health campaigns have achieved: it has encouraged people to go outside and exercise. The national physical activity guidelines tell us that we should be aiming for 60 minutes of physical activity a day however research tells us that only 60% of Australians… Read more

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5 reasons answer phone twitter

Productivity hack – aka 6 reasons why I don’t answer the phone

I used to love talking on the phone. When I was in high school my parents frequently complained of the hours I would spend curled up in the phone nook in the hallway of our home. I always raced to answer the phone when it rang. And I was devastated if I wasn't the one to… Read more

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A guide to working in a cafe

A guide to cafe etiquette

Many of my fellow work-from-home friends and colleagues spend an inordinate amount of time working in cafes. At least, judging by the number of people I see with laptops whenever I'm in a cafe. Which is at least 3-4 times a week. There is a cafe etiquette that really should be followed if you want… Read more

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A great recipe for life podcast

A podcast pivot

A few weeks ago saw the release of the last episode of my initial foray into podcasting, The Activity Pod. I’ve learnt a lot from the 25 episodes Annette and I recorded together. Including more productivity tips and tricks than I ever expected! I spoke with and met some incredible people, and I'm really grateful that they gave… Read more

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Brian Solis - Social Media Marketing World

My top takeouts from Social Media Marketing World 2016

  This time last week two weeks ago I was still basking in the San Diego sun following a fabulous three days at Social Media Marketing World - #SMMW16. While the weather was stunning (hello southern California!), the people I met, the experiences I had, and the information and knowledge shared was truly spectacular. It was an investment… Read more

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Tips for managing stress at work (2)

Tips for managing stress at work

  I recently wrote about my experience with a horribly stressful job, and some of the things to look out for to determine if you or your staff are experiencing unusual amounts of stress. Today I want to share some tips to manage stress, and the often resulting anxiety, at work. Tips that I really, really… Read more

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how to recognise stress in the workplace

How to recognise stress in the workplace

“If you don’t make some major lifestyle changes, you will probably have a stroke before you turn 30.” Not the words you want to hear from your GP when you’re 29 years old. It was the wake up call I needed. Extreme stress had been quietly eroding my quality of life for some time, however… Read more

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