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Welcome to Mel Kettle Consulting

In 2006 I quit my job to become a marketing communication consultant, and I haven’t looked back. My first client is still a client, as they, like all my clients, seek to create a positive difference to people’s lives.

The most important factor that comes into play when I take on a new client is that we share common values – gratitude, integrity, honesty, a sense of social justice and a willingness to work hard for a successful outcome.

I work with my clients to help them build strong relationships that will create communities. This is done using a range of communication strategies and tactics. I am particularly determined to encourage my clients to embrace social media as it is a great tool to increase awareness of your brand, your product, your expertise, and, when done well, it enhances the service you provide to your stakeholders.

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managing twitter 24/7

Managing your twitter account when you can’t be there 24/7

Yesterday I was part of a brief twitter conversation talking about brands that do twitter well - @telstra, @qantas, @virginamerica, @auspost were all mentioned. And by "doing well" I mean they respond to their customers. Via twitter. When their customers reach out to them. It's not all about advertising their wares (although there is some… Read more

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Action 2016: read more business books - www.melkettle.com

Actions for 2016 – read more business books

I have just started doing some planning for 2016. And when I say "just started", I mean just that. I feel like I am at a crossroads and I don't really know what I want to do next. Actually, I know what I want to do - and that is loads of travel, meeting interesting… Read more

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Do you have a morning ritual? - www.melkettle.com

Do you have a morning ritual?

  "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" Steve Jobs asked himself this question every morning, while looking in the mirror. If he said no on too many consecutive days then he made some changes. This was one of his morning… Read more

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Is wishing people Merry Christmas politically incorrect? - www.melkettle.com

Is wishing people Merry Christmas still politically correct?

When did it become politically incorrect to wish people Merry Christmas? Last year I received many Christmas cards. Except many weren't. They said "Season's Greetings". Or "Happy Holidays".  Often with an incorrectly placed apostrophe, just to make things worse... What season? Summer? Nah. Too many of the cards had snow depicted on them. And not all… Read more

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The Activity Pod

Announcing The Activity Pod – my new podcast

I've been a little quite on the old blogging front of late, as I have been working on a new project - a podcast! I'm really proud to announce that it - The Activity Pod - has now been launched. You can find us on iTunes, and soon, hopefully, we will also be on Stitcher Radio… Read more

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