Communication and social media workshops

Mel runs a series of workshops to help organisations improve their communication and social media to help them attract, engage and retain customers.

Strategic communication for leaders – create your own communication map

Leaders today are expected to be seen and heard. We need to know how to communicate so we genuinely and effectively connect and engage with our people – offline AND online. One of the challenges leaders face today is working out how to most effectively communicate so we can genuinely engage with the five generations in our workforce. Gallup tells us only 13% of people feel engaged at work, and this has a massive impact on our productivity and profit.

The list of options for communication today seems endless – meetings, email, events, social media, intranets, internets, newsletters, video, podcasts. How can we cut through the communication clutter to increase engagement of our workforce, and ensure they understand our vision and organisational priorities?

What platforms do we need to focus on? How do we communicate so our messages are clearly understood? What messages do we need to prioritise?

In this workshop, strategic communication expert Mel Kettle will step you through the creation of a 100-day plan focused on your personal communication as a leader. You will:

  • learn why it’s so important for leaders to have a social media presence
  • identify the most appropriate social media channel/s to reach your members and other stakeholders
  • what you as a leader should be sharing vs what your organisation should be sharing
  • map out a simple content plan for the next 100 days
  • learn some tips on how to make your social media use a habit that can be managed in 10 minutes a day.

This workshop is for leaders who want to

  • drive messages for transformational change
  • amplify their professional presence online
  • create a clear content and communication strategy
  • save time with managing their communication
  • increase more awareness of their association
  • demonstrate their expertise and become more inspiring with their communication
  • become more influential and trusted.

For more information or to book this or any other workshop, contact Mel by email or on 0404 600 889.


Social Media Strategy Day

A one day workshop designed to have an immediate positive impact on your social media activities. This session will undertake an independent review of your social media activities, strategies and practices, and how these fit into your other communication activities, while also up-skilling your team. It will provide you with a snapshot of your current social media activities, and identify gaps to be filled.

During the day, we identify and prioritise tangible opportunities to significantly improve your communication and social media to attract, engage and retain customers. We look at how you are currently communicating with customers and prospective customers, how effective it is and what results you are getting. This session is a great way to identify the “low hanging fruit” opportunities and to gain a better understanding of the key initiatives required to ensure your business has strong foundations for sustainable growth into the future.

For more information or to book this or any other workshop, contact Mel by email or on 0404 600 889.


Creating compelling communication to cut through the clutter

With the average attention span shorter than that of a goldfish, it’s important we know how to cut through the cluttered social media space of today. Mel will show you how to creatively connect using social media so you can better position yourself as an authority in a crowded market. In this half or full day workshop you will learn:

  • how to get more customers to know, like and trust you
  • how to create social media posts that will be liked, commented on and shared
  • the three best ways to grab attention with your social media posts
  • the importance of authenticity
  • why video is so important
  • how to create and edit short videos using your smartphone.

For more information or to book this or any other workshop, contact Mel by email or on 0404 600 889.


How to build goodwill and improve customer loyalty using social media

Customer service is the new marketing. It has moved from an in-person or phone conversation to an online interaction. Social media is the main channel that many customers want to use to communicate with business. However, many businesses haven’t evolved to meet their customers’ needs. In this full or half day workshop, Mel will show you WHY you must obsess on customer service excellence. This session will include practical advice, tips and tactics to manage your customer service on social media, as well as:

  • Why social customer care is important to your business
  • Creating a competitive advantage in real time
  • How to focus your efforts online to meet the expectations of new and existing customers
  • Why customer retention is important
  • Dealing with upset customers in a public forum
  • Relevant examples.

For more information or to book this or any other workshop, contact Mel by email or on 0404 600 889.

We had Mel Kettle come to our office in Sydney to help us determine what our next steps are with social media. As a professional association in the construction industry we are one of the more progressive groups in our sector with social media activities, however Mel was able to point us in a more strategic direction that will enable us to engage with our members and stakeholders more, without increasing workload and resources. Our entire team enjoyed the workshop and the friendly, professional manner in which Mel ran the session.

David Millar

Chief Executive Officer, Concrete Institute of Australia