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14% of us trust in advertising, but 90% trust peer recommendations – such as those provided by social media.

Social media has changed the way business is done today. It allows for real time communication that takes minutes instead of hours or days – and this can give you a critical competitive advantage in your industry.

Social media significantly impacts how business is conducted. Its success is measured by the increase in awareness that is created for the organisation, as well as for individuals. As networks are increased (for example, by increasing connections on twitter or LinkedIn), business connections and relationships are increased. It’s these connections that drive awareness, which can result in achieving your business goals.

Some of the many forms social media takes includes blogs, Facebook, twitter, youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

I cannot emphases strongly enough that all organisations should be using some form of social media. BUT it is important to use the right ones for your organisation. I can help you identify what is right for you and work with you to incorporate social media into your existing marketing communications activities.


Social media services include:

Social Media Health Check Strategy Session – This half day strategy session reviews your current social media activities and provides insights to help you immediately improve your social media use. The half day Social Media Health Check has been designed to provide an independent review of your current social media activities so you can better meet the needs of your customers, staff and other stakeholders. You will also be provided with a written overview that summarises the discussions and recommends practical initiatives you can quickly implement.

Development of a social media strategy – Your tailored social media strategy will align with your existing marketing strategy. It includes a half day fact finding workshop to inform the development of the strategy, where we identify core goals (measurable), values, priorities and needs, available resources, opportunities and current communication activities. Your communication strategy will also include: an initial assessment of the existing marketplace, communication audit of how your organisation is currently using social media, tactics and activities to increase awareness and revenue – including overarching goals, audience segmentation, social media objectives, tactics, tools, evaluation (based on outcomes of the workshop and marketplace assessment). You will receive a comprehensive social media strategy, a practical action plan for 12 months and a printable strategy-on-a-page for easy review.

One Day Communication Skills Development Session – This one day training provides your team with the skills they need to improve their social media use. This session is tailored to meet your specific needs and might include how to blog for business, how to use a specific social media channel (Facebook, Snapchat, twitter etc), developing a content strategy, dealing with difficult customers.  

Social Media Coaching and Mentoring – Coaching and mentoring is a great option for organisations seeking to up-skill their team without hiring a senior social media expert. This bespoke service is designed for marketers and non-marketers who are seeking independent advice from an experienced social media marketing practitioner. It is ideal for business owners who want to improve their social media skills, employees with limited social media experience (such as recent grads) who don’t have a mentor within your organisation, directors and board members who need a more in-depth understanding of social media marketing, and current marketing personnel who are not up to date with current trends and technologies. Coaching and mentoring timeframes range from 3 months to 2 years, depending on your individual requirements.

Social Media Policy – Every organisation with staff should have a social media policy. It can be your first avenue to mitigate risk for both the employer and the employee. Too many organisations do not have a social media policy, which means when something goes wrong, there is no process to fix it. A social media policy also protects your brand and your organisation, while at the same time encouraging your people to act as advocates for you. Providing clear guidelines to your people helps ensure your brand is enhanced and your reputation not inadvertently damaged by online comments made by an employee.

Mel Kettle is one of the only marketing consultants I’ve met who is able to clearly and specifically articulate how new and social media can (and should) be integrated with traditional marketing techniques. Not many marketing consultants take the approach of including social media in a broader strategy.

Mel showed me how to use traditional techniques in an intelligent and targeted way, which social media platforms were going to be the most useful to building my business, and how to integrate them both seamlessly. Mel is passionate, articulate and clear about how she can help businesses integrate social media into traditional marketing techniques to build a complete and successful marketing strategy.

Jen Dainer

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