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People do business with people they know, like and trust. Effective and authentic communication allows associations to build trusted relationships by engaging with members and potential members. This means they are more likely to join, renew and tell their colleagues.

However, many associations are uncertain about using social media – what if someone says something bad? What if we make a mistake? Are our members even using social media?

Research shows 79% of Australians use social media, and 64% are more likely to trust brands if they interact positively with people on social media.

To help associations increase their social media skills, I have launched my online Group Mentoring Program.

Gain access to my expertise, experience, advice and contacts through this program, tailored specifically for associations.

The program is designed to help you improve your communication and social media skills so you can recruit, retain and engage with your members more effectively.

There will be six online mentoring sessions (one every two weeks) over three months, and some of the topics we will cover are:

  • how to create a social media strategy that integrates with the rest of your communication and marketing activities
  • how to create and leverage content that cuts through the clutter
  • the importance of voice and tone, and how to find yours
  • how to use social media to recruit, retain and engage your members
  • time saving tools, tips and tricks
  • why video is so important and how to create effective video with limited resources.

Prior to the first online mentoring session each participant will have a one on one session with me so we can identify your individual social media and communication challenges, so you get the most out of the program.

I have over 20 years experience working with associations and know the challenges they face. This online Group Mentoring Program is specifically designed for association professionals who want to:

  • enhance their knowledge of marketing, communication and social media
  • gain a greater understanding of social media
  • gain a fresh perspective on effective and authentic communication
  • improve how they are using social media
  • prioritise and better manage their time
  • communicate with purpose
  • grow in confidence
  • grow their personal network
  • gain exposure to diverse perspectives, experiences and resources
  • meet and learn from their peers.

The next group mentoring program will commence March 2018 and run for three months.

When I heard Mel was running a social media group mentoring program, I signed up. I’m so pleased I did. Mel really is at the forefront of this constantly-changing area. She covered everything from working with complex algorithms to writing engaging copy, and provided practical examples through real cases studies from around Australia and the world. Mel was incredibly generous with her expertise, her time, and the resources she uses herself every day to streamline social media processes. Mel’s warm and engaging style led the way for many open conversations about the challenges we face – conversations that we were able to continue in between sessions via a closed Facebook group. 

Vicki Forbes, TEDx Community Engagement Manager, TEDx Sydney


It was a fantastic learning experience about all things social media with Mel. Mel is absolutely professional, friendly, helpful with a great sense of humour while delivering every session with great passion. She always welcomes questions and feedback too. Thanks for everything Mel!

Tiffany Leong, Inala Community House


I was fortunate to be involved in a social media mentoring program that Mel ran. Mel has a relaxed yet engaging presentation style that displays her great depth and breadth of knowledge. She provides real-world examples and practical tips and is always happy to go out of her way to assist each individual. I look forward to working with Mel again in the future.

Marika Strand, National Parks Association of Qld


The basic program consists of six structured and interactive group sessions, held fortnightly online over Zoom meetings, and recorded for your future reference. You can choose to upgrade to include one on one mentoring sessions, which are also held over Zoom meetings.

online group mentoring Feb 2018

Places are limited so book now.

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Mel Kettle is a communication expert.

She knows that one of the biggest challenges facing business is how to clearly communicate with staff and customers.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Mel works with organisations to help them drive trust and long-term value to their business through authentic and effective communication via their marketing and customer service channels.