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I have been developing successful marketing communication strategies for my clients since I was a conference organiser in the mid-90s trying to get bums on seats!

Communication has changed a lot since then. When I started working in this field there was no internet, no email, and definitely no social media! Our messages tended to be broadcast via media, brochures and direct mail (yep, via the post!). Today my clients engage with their stakeholders using these traditional communication methods, but also using online communication such as websites, blogs, Facebook and twitter and other forms of social media.

However, the most important element of communication hasn’t changed – the message needs to be clearly understood so that your client/customer/audience responds in the way you want them to.


Communication services I can provide include:

Communication Health Check Strategy Session – This one day strategy session reviews your current communication activities and provides insights to help you immediately improve your stakeholder communication. The one day Communication Health Check has been designed to provide an independent review of your current communication activities so you can better meet the communication needs of your customers, staff and other stakeholders. You will also be provided with a written overview that summarises the discussions and recommends practical initiatives you can quickly implement.

Development of a communication and/or social media strategy – This involves developing a tailored communication and/or social media strategy to meet the need of your organisation. This includes a half day fact finding workshop to inform the development of the strategy, where we identify core goals (measurable), values, priorities and needs, available resources, opportunities and current communication activities. Your communication strategy will also include: an initial assessment of the existing marketplace, communication audit of what your organisation is currently doing both on and offline, marketing communication tactics and activities to increase awareness and revenue – including overarching goals, audience segmentation, communication objectives, tactics, tools, evaluation (based on outcomes of the workshop and marketplace assessment). You will receive a comprehensive communication and social media strategy, a practical action plan for 12 months and a printable strategy-on-a-page for easy review.

One Day Communication Skills Development Session – This one day training provides your marketing communication team with the skills they need to improve their communication. This session is tailored to meet your specific needs and might include how to blog for business, how to use a specific social media channel (Facebook, Snapchat, twitter etc), developing a content strategy, dealing with difficult customers.  

Communication Coaching and Mentoring – Coaching and mentoring is a great option for organisations seeking to up-skill their communication team without hiring a senior communication specialist. This bespoke service is ideal for marketers and non-marketers who are seeking independent advice from an experienced marketing practitioner. It is ideal for business owners who want to improve their marketing communication knowledge, employees with limited marketing experience (such as recent grads) who don’t have a mentor within your organisation, directors and board members who need a more in-depth understanding of marketing, and current marketing personnel who are not up to date with current trends and technologies. Coaching and mentoring timeframes range from 3 months to 2 years, depending on your individual requirements.

Stop/Start/Continue/Change workshop – This half day workshop will review your communication and social media activities (and any that you are not currently doing) and individually identify whether you need to start doing something new, stop doing some activities, continue what is happening (if it is working well) or change an element.

Corporate and technical writing – Do you need extra writing support? I have experience coordinating and writing annual reports, brochures, websites, blogs, white papers and more. I am particularly skilled at converting technical language into plain English, particularly in the fields of medicine, health, engineering and finance. 

Mel Kettle was contracted to the CRC for Construction Innovation – Safer Construction Project to develop and implement the communication and consultation for the project. Her role involved dealing with Industry Leaders and leading research groups to ensure collaboration between all parties to achieve an agreed approach to Safer Construction. Her professional approach and clearly stated objectives enabled the project team and taskforce to remain focused and motivated. Mel’s personal communication skills and ability to manage a diverse range of opinions and points of view to reach a consensus was instrumental in ensuring the success of the project.

Tim Fleming

Operations Safety Manager, John Holland Group, NSW/ACT


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