Strategic communication

I have been working with clients to develop communication strategies that build trust since I was a conference organiser in the mid-90s trying to get bums on seats!

Communication has changed a lot since then. When I started working in this field there was little internet, no email, and definitely no social media! Our messages tended to be broadcast via media, brochures and direct mail (yep, via the post!). Today my clients engage with their stakeholders using these traditional communication methods, but also using online communication such as websites, blogs, podcasts, intranets, live video streams and of course, social media.

However, the most important element of communication hasn’t changed – the right message needs to get to the right people at the right time using the platforms your audience frequents.

Strategic communication is essential for organisations seeking to achieve their goals and objectives as it allows them to create real connections and sustained engagement.

Having a clear and focused communication strategy and action plan allows you to have an even greater impact when engaging with your staff, clients, and other stakeholders.


Strategic communication services

Communication Health Check Strategy Session – During this one day workshop we will together review your current communication activities. The Communication Health Check has been designed to provide an independent review of your current communication activities so you can better meet the communication needs of your customers, staff and other stakeholders. We review your current activities and identify what you need to Stop / Start / Continue / Change. You will gain insights to help you immediately improve your communication activities, and you will receive a written overview summarising the discussions and recommendations.

Development of a communication and/or social media strategy – A communication strategy provides a framework to clarify your goals, your purpose, to outline your different audiences and the relevant topics and issues that are important to them. It also spells out what individual leaders – CEO, team leaders, Board members, key operational staff – in your organisation should communicate vs what should be communicated through the corporate channels. A strategy means you are proactive rather than reactive and responsive. We develop this strategy together, during a series of facilitated workshops. We review past strategies and activities, identify and analyse target markets, and determine the most appropriate strategies and tactics for your organisation and audience.

David Millar

We had Mel Kettle come to our office in Sydney to help us determine what our next steps are with social media. Mel pointed us in a more strategic direction that will enable us to engage with our members and stakeholders more, without increasing workload and resources. Our entire team enjoyed the workshop and the friendly, professional manner in which Mel ran the session.

David Millar

CEO, Concrete Institute of Australia