Pick my brain!

Like many of us, I’m frequently asked “Can I pick your brain?”.

A few years ago my default was always “yes, of course”, until I realised how much time that was taking!

So now I’m offering two options for anyone who wants to pick my brain.


1:1 “pick Mel’s brain”

Do you have a few key questions you want a bit of help with? Or do you need a general brainstorm about an idea?

You can book me in for 55 min brainstorm or strategy session, over a Zoom call to pick my brain. You might want to talk about one of the following topics, or it might be something else!

  • Honest feedback on a communication / marketing / social media strategy
  • Quitting your job and starting your own business – what do I need to think about?
  • Growing your personal brand and becoming known as an expert in your field
  • What to focus on when it comes to communication / social media / digital comms / content strategy
  • Managing your mojo, staying motivated and getting stuff done
  • Coping with menopause

Ask Me Anything Zoom Call

If your question is less complex, and can be answered in a few minutes, you might prefer to register for my monthly free Ask Me Anything Zoom call.

Your question might be business related, about something to do with communication, things to consider before becoming a consultant, making Zoom meetings more effective etc.

Or it might be more personal – what do I love about working for myself, how do I make the big decisions in life? How have I coped with menopause?

And yes, I really am happy for your to ask me anything!