In 2018 I will be only running four public workshops – one each in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Wellington (NZ).

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How to become a social association – using social media to increase member engagement and create a thriving online community.

If you don’t adjust to the reality of the situation, you will be left behind. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

People still do business with people they know, like and trust, but social media has changed the way we do business. Communication is two-way and your members want to be able to engage with you via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. They want to read your blog, watch your videos and listen to your podcast.

Despite this, too many associations are not using social media in a way that truly engages members or strengthens the member relationship.

In this workshop, Mel will show you how to use social media to increase member engagement, generate a return on investment and create a thriving online community. She will share relevant and real-life examples and practical advice so you can use social media to enhance your members’ experience.

This workshop is for:

  • CEOs, communication and membership managers of associations and other member-based organisations
  • CEOs, communication and engagement managers of not-for-profits
  • marketing and communication professionals
  • business owners and directors
  • thought leaders, consultants and solopreneurs.

Attendees will learn:

  • why social media is important for associations and member-based organisations
  • current social media trends
  • how to encourage your members to become advocates for you
  • how to use social media to enhance the member experience
  • how to create and leverage content your members will value
  • time-saving tips, tools and tricks
  • what metrics to measure and how to determine your return on investment.

Delegates will be offered ample opportunities to ask questions and engage with other delegates to exchange ideas and information.

This program is an excellent way to gain a broad understanding of the key skills needed to become a social association. Anyone who is tasked with developing or implementing a communication and social media strategy will benefit from attending this workshop. Attendees will:

  • hear practical ideas and information you can immediately apply
  • meet other membership professionals
  • hear success stories and case studies from a proven practitioner
  • learn how to leverage your activities to maximise member engagement
  • pick up new strategies to maximise your member engagement.
  • discuss how to communicate with your board and key stakeholders your social media strategy and the measurable outcomes following implementation.
  • Get inspired!

REGISTER NOW and receive a copy of Mel’s book, The Social Association.

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What other people have said:

I learned a lot about the social media big picture. Mel provided many tips on a range of topics that were helpful and relevant. She is an excellent speaker and it was money well spent.

Tracy Boyce, Australian Meat Industry Council


Mel is a great presenter who allowed everyone to participate. She held total group engagement for the entire day.

Gail Miller, Palliative Care SA