John Cahill is a barrister from Brisbane. He works primarily in the areas of criminal law, family law and regulatory law. 

Prior to going to the Bar, he worked as a solicitor for the Aboriginal Legal Service in Sydney, for the state government in child protection and in corporate regulation at the federal government level. 

In his spare time, he’s a writer, primarily of poorly thought out Facebook updates and Instagram posts but every so often the odd column and web series. He lives in Brisbane and has one child, a 50 kg Labrador called Fred.

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What John Cahill and I talked about:

  • Criminal, Family and Administrative / Regulatory Law 
  • Meeting on ABC Brisbane with Kelly Higgins-Devine 
  • Lawyers are trained to doubt everything 
  • Lawyers are paid to worry and to think the worst 
  • Looking for inconsistencies in your opponent’s case 
  • A jury is like a small theatre – people can smell blood when things are not going right 
  • An interesting start to law – via the Conservatorium of Music
  • How journalism and law are similar 
  • Adrenalin keeps you going when you’re terrified
  • Anxiety means you have a greater level of care 
  • Mentors and imposter syndrome 
  • Tik Tok videos during Covid.

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