Associate Professor Catherine Ball is a scientific futurist, speaker, advisor, author, founder, executive producer, executive director, company director and charity patron working across global projects where emerging technologies meet humanitarian, education and environmental needs. 

Catherine also likes to create businesses and champion movements, collaborate with peers, and advise game-changers.

A sought-after voice across the start-up, futurist and tech world, Catherine works globally across a wide range of projects from creating documentaries and world leading conferences and events, to advising on the use of novel approaches (e.g. drones) across environmental and humanitarian projects. 

Catherine is a proponent of community engagement with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), likes to demystify emerging tech and has recently been named as the official 2020 Patron of the Tech Girls Movement Foundation. 

Catherine lives in Queensland with her husband and two sons. You can connect with Catherine through her website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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What Dr Catherine Ball and I talked about:

  • Zoom throat – too many zoom calls and meetings 
  • Self-care 
  • Our mutual love of and obsession with Suncoast Fresh fruit and vegetable boxes 
  • Australian Survivor’s Tarzan and his lime farm on the Sunshine Coast 
  • Your network is your net worth
  • Connection is everything 
  • Dr Genevieve Bell at the Australian National University 
  • 2020 for World of Drones and Robotics Conference in Brisbane 
  • Science communication, science engagement and science empowerment 
  • TED Talk – Talk Nerdy to Me by Melissa Marshall
  • Feeding our bodies and our brains
  • Currently writing 5 books 
  • We choose how we consume 
  • Girl Geek Academy and Sarah Moran 
  • 2020 Patron for Tech Girls Movement Foundation, founded by Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen.

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