This week’s guest, Rose Herceg, is the Chief Strategy Officer at WPP Australia & New Zealand and one of Australia’s most respected social forecasters.

Rose’s first business, Pophouse launched in 1998, became known as Australia’s best-regarded company for innovation, social trends and business strategy. BRW Magazine named Rose the number one innovative thinker in the country and Pophouse the country’s best place to go for new business models and emerging trends data. In 2002 Rose was recognised with the Small Businesswoman of the Year Award.

Rose is also the author of three books – her latest ‘The Power Book’ has been translated into several languages.

You can connect with Rose at and on LinkedIn.

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What Rose Herceg and I talked about:

  • Finding balance during COVID-19
  • Working from home
  • Finding little moments of joy and pleasure
  • Finding solutions for clients
  • Taking mental breaks through the day and sleep at night
  • Crazy TV shows, movies and books we love
  • Telling the truth
  • Feeling real connections with social media
  • How our current hyper-reality is forcing a level of clarity in our lives
  • Monumental change and being awakened to the possibility of who you want to be
  • WPP Report busting some myths about ageing
  • Turning 50 and figuring out who you want to be
  • Ageist stereotypes
  • Marketing is for youth but people over 50 have 46% of the disposable income in Australia
  • Unconscious bias to ageing – death awaits us all!
  • We fear what we do not know
  • Do you feel like you have had a day well lived?

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