I feel like I say this ALL THE TIME, but I loved this conversation with Zoë Routh. We met about three years ago when I joined Thought Leaders Business School, and I liked her immediately! We have loads of things in common – a love of food and travel, pet chickens, and we both have close ties with Canada. 

Professionally, Zoë is a leadership expert specialising in the people stuff. She shows leaders and teams struggling with office politics and silos how to work better together.

She is also the author of three books, with her fourth book, People Stuff – the power of perspective for better leadership, due out mid-2020.

Zoë is also the producer of the Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast, dedicated to exploring perspective in people stuff so we can live and lead better.

Zoë is an outdoor adventurist and enjoys telemark skiing, has run 6 marathons, is a one-time belly-dancer, has survived cancer, and loves hiking in the high country. She is married to a gorgeous Aussie and is mother to a few garden-wrecking chooks.

You can connect with Zoe at www.zoerouth.com and on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook

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What Zoë Routh and I talked about:

  • Having chickens at pets 
  • Connection is currency and having a trust bank account 
  • Building rapport through hugs 
  • Brene Brown and Maya Angelou 
  • Zoe’s fourth book, People Stuff – The Power of Perspective for Better Leadership 
  • How we see the world and how we be in the world 
  • How we make the best of a situation is an exercise in perspective 
  • Deep humility and deep curiosity 
  • Things that shape perspective 
  • How values shape your world view 
  • Survivor 
  • Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte 
  • Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery 
  • The Authenticity Accelerator by Robert Rabbin 
  • Lance Secretan 
  • Ken Wilber
  • The Last Lecture by Jeffrey Zaslow and Randy Pausch.


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