John Barton is the CEO of MGD, a Brisbane based wealth management company. What struck me when we first met many years ago, was his generosity in sharing his knowledge and his time.

He’s driven by an absolute focus on values, quality, teamwork and corporate citizenship. While this is apparent in his work, it also comes across in his volunteer community work. John is currently the Chair of Business South Bank and sits on the board of the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Foundation.

He has almost 30 years experience in banking, financial services and wealth management roles, and, unsurprisingly, a strong focus on the charitable and not-for-profit sector as part of MGD’s Philanthropic Advisory team. He’s also fascinated by the area of behavioural economics – the study of emotions and psychology and how they influence real-world finance and investment decisions.

Away from the office, John is a regular cyclist and is frequently seen riding his bike in and around Brisbane. He also enjoys golf and sharing a good cabernet.

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e40 with John Barton


What John Barton and I talked about:

  • We are social beings
  • Sharing experiences and helping others where we can
  • How we can thrive and find purpose in life
  • Checking in on people during COVID-19 – who has been automatic and who has surprised you
  • Natural positives of COVID-19
  • How we can manage our personal finances – what is the reality of where you are right now and where you may be in the months ahead
  • Creating a personal budget of where income is coming from but also where the expenses are going to
  • What are we spending money on in our personal lives?
  • Marie Kondo your finances – “does this subscription bring me joy in my life?”
  • Peter Cook – “everyone is dysfunctional with money” – how do we hasten slowly?
  • Cycling, Zoom coffee and Zoom beer with friends
  • Staying connected with your workforce
  • Start with Why by Simon Sinek
  • Seamless by Anders Sörman-Nilsson.

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