Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia’s most respected and popular parenting authors and speakers. He is sought after for his expertise in family life, relationships, and wellbeing and resilience; and he is the founder of ‘Happy Families’. Justin has a PhD in Positive Psychology, is the father of six daughters (!!!), has written five books, and is a three-time bestselling author.

Justin’s latest book, Miss-Connection: Why your teenage daughter hates you, expects the world, and needs to talk, is available now at all good bookstores and online.

If you think Justin’s voice is familiar, it’s because he used to be a radio announcer on Brisbane’s B105 (and other places).

You can connect with Justin on LinkedIn and you can follow him on Facebook at Happy Families.

Justin’s website is www.happyfamilies.com.au.

Justin has generously offered listers of this podcast access to his Happy Families Kickstart program for FREE! (Saving $97). It’s 3 weeks, 3 easy ways to make positive changes in your family starting now.


Dr Justin Coulson

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What Dr Justin Coulson and I talked about

  • Brené Brown
  • acknowledge the humanity in people
  • how do we show empathy and what do we say to people? How do we connect in a meaningful way and show vulnerability?
  • Justin’s new book – Miss Connection
  • being a father of 6 daughters
  • most pain is a wonderful friend and an incredible teacher
  • Teenage girls vs teenage boys – what to be aware of
  • Connection is the currency of our relationships
  • Stephen Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Listening, laughter and lightness
  • The Happiness Hypothesis – Jonathon Haidt
  • The Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathon Haidt
  • Dark Horse – Achieving Success through the Pursuit of Fulfillment by Ogi Ogas and Todd Rose
  • The Happiness Lab Podcast with Dr Laurie Santos
  • The Art of Manliness
  • Hidden Brain Podcast – NPR
  • 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work by John M. Gottman and Nan Silver
  • The Jesus Wars by John Jenkins

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