I first met this week’s guest, Tony Ryan, about 12 years ago when I joined Professional Speakers Australia. Back then Tony was a bit of a legend in Australia’s speaking community, and today is no different.

He is a lifelong educator, parent, and futurist, and has worked with over 1000 education, business and parent groups in 10 different countries throughout his career. Tony is also an international best-selling author of  8 books, an Australian ambassador for School Aid, and a former national president of Professional Speakers Australia.

Tony’s latest book, Next Generation – Preparing today’s kids for an extraordinary future, is a must-read for all parents and educators, as it will help you identify what’s ahead for our children, the capabilities they will need and some actions to help them in their future.

Tony Ryan

You can connect with Tony at tonyryan.com.au. You can also connect with Tony on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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What Tony Ryan and I talked about

  • Conversation is connection
  • the words we use – real life versus the online life
  • future technology challenges with conversation and connection
  • the need to reframe the mindset of kids today so there is more optimism
  • we are capable of coping with the dramatic change up ahead – the ability to think critically and creatively – regardless of behaviour
  • hope – the best four-letter word that you can talk about
  • 70% of all articles on the news are negative
  • we need to teach children how to think not what to think – critical thinking and creative thinking are essential
  • being a professional speaker
  • Hans Rosling – Factfulness
  • book of the year lists for Bill Gates and Barack Obama
  • Melinda Gates – The Moment of Lift
  • Steve Biddulp – The New Manhood
  • Michelle Obama – Becoming

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