I turn 50 next week – eek! Where have the last ten twenty years gone???

Obviously I’m older, hopefully wiser, and I have definitely learned A LOT. I thought I would share my top ten learnings of the last ten years to commemorate the end of my 40s. Which, let’s face it, has been pretty damn good, which a few fairly awful exceptions!

The highlights

  • Living another ten years – too many people I love didn’t
  • Having a loving relationship with Shaun, strengthening my relationship with my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew and other loved ones
  • another ten years of business success
  • writing and publishing my first book
  • surviving melanoma
  • completing my Master of Public Health with distinction

The lowlights

  • The death of too many loved ones including my parents, my father-in-law and some truly beautiful friends #RIP
  • being diagnosed with melanoma was scary, but it was a wakeup call I probably needed.

Approaching 50 -  10 things I learned in my 40s

Top ten things I learned over the last ten years

I can absolutely guarantee I’ll hit publish and think of another ten! It was hard to keep this list small as it’s been a decade of reflection, education and self-awareness. But here goes!  

  1. Fill your own cup first – if you don’t look after yourself, how can you serve others?
  2. Being kind, positive and happy are all choices. And yes, some days it can be really hard.
  3. Go with your gut – if it doesn’t feel right it’s probably not! Whether it’s a relationship, your health, a job, a situation.
  4. If you don’t love what you do then do something else.
  5. Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t.
  6. Be you. Don’t try and be someone you’re not because people will sense something is off.
  7. Everyone is scared of messing up and everyone has moments of self-doubt. If you want to succeed you need to get out of your own way. Comparison is the thief of joy, so if you need to compare yourself to something, compare yourself to what you were like a month, year, decade ago.
  8. Change is constant so learn how to deal with it.
  9. True friends will stick by you in bad times and be genuinely happy for your success in good times. So make time to see them and call them and don’t rely on social media to find out how they really are
  10. Life is short, live it. For me, this means take opportunities, travel, say yes more than I say no.

What do the next 10 years hold? Who knows! Hopefully a lot of great experiences, opportunities and more travel.

What have you learned in the last ten years?

I’d love to know.

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