Lisa O’Neill is feisty, funny and fabulous.

She has been described as a human version of Berocca and is one of my favourite people for her energy, her positivity and her ability to cut the shit and tell it as it is – always with love.

Lisa wants us all to live big lives and to become the best version of ourselves.

She is the former fashion editor of NZ Women’s Weekly and today is the author of three books, a highly sought after conference speaker and MC, and a mentor to loads of very fortunate women, including me!

Live your magnificent life with Lisa O'Neill

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What Lisa O’Neill and I talked about

  • How connection means everything and without connection we have nothing
  • Meeting her husband when she was 14 year and knowing immediately he was the one
  • how many underestimate the power of an instant connection
  • be “on purpose”
  • make people better with comfort and love
  • don’t let your life live you
  • women get stuck in the various stages of life and tend to lead other people’s lives
  • being conditioned to service
  • never too old to chase your dreams
  • unashamed pleasure
  • being your own best friend
  • give yourself permission to be you
  • Life is hard and what are your strategies for it
  • Book – The Lickable Third
  • Being a funeral celebrant
  • Russell Brand’s podcast Under the Skin
  • Perform Under Pressure by Dr Ceri Evans
  • Faster Than Normal by Peter Shankman

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