It’s seriously hard to feel like connecting with people if you’re tired! Let’s face it, the only thing I want to be connecting with when I’m sleep deprived is my pillow.

This week’s episode is about the importance of sleep. Ironically, the week I recorded this I existed on far too little sleep. I expect due to too much caffeine. And let me tell you, the caffeine – sleep – caffeine cycle is VICIOUS.

the importance of sleep

The Sleep Health Foundation estimates that poor sleep claims the lives of 3,000 people a year. Four out of ten Australians don’t get enough sleep and 20% of us suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness.

It’s a good thing I love a good nap!

The costs of this lack of sleep are high – it significantly reduces workplace productivity and is estimated to cost the Australian economy $66.3 billion per year.

A nighttime routine usually helps with falling asleep more quickly and getting a better quality of sleep:

✅ aim for 8 hours of sleep

✅ put down the screens an hour or so before bed

✅ drink herbal tea instead of caffeine in the afternoon/evening

✅ have a warm shower before bed.

Find out more about the importance of sleep on episode 22 of This Connected Life. And let’s hope we all get a good night’s sleep tonight!

What does your nighttime routine look like? I’d love to know.

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