A lot of people don’t realise women are responsible for 90% of consumer purchases. Which equates to over $20 TRILLION in global spending.

In Australia, women own just over one-third of all businesses, and this number is rising. Australian women are also becoming more educated – in 2014 almost 45,000 more women graduated with tertiary qualifications than men.

Marketing to women

Also, in many households, women are increasingly becoming the main income earners, often earning 2, 3 or 10x what their male partners earn.

Women are the biggest contributor to GDP, making purchasing decisions for themselves, and often also for the children and the men in their lives. Yet despite this, many women feel they are misunderstood when it comes to marketing undertaken by many brands and businesses.

Don’t assume we’re all the same, don’t assume we’re stupid and please don’t assume we all do all the housework!

In this podcast episode I talk about:

  • A real estate agent who assumed I did the laundry (I don’t)
  • My excellent experience buying a Weber BBQ
  • Other assumptions people make when marketing to women
  • Bic pens for women and Ellen’s takedown – and you can read a few Amazon reviews!
  • Current trends when marketing to women
  • Women and social media
  • eSports and the Fortnite World Cup
  • a shift from TV to streaming and YouTube
  • an increase in voice technology
  • Generating and demonstrating social proof

What are you doing when it comes to marketing to women?

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