I think I first “met” Dani Valent on Twitter about ten years ago, around the time I first bought a Thermomix. #bestkitchengadgetever

Since then we have become firm friends. As she lives in Melbourne and I’m in Brisbane, we don’t have a lot of opportunities to hang out, but when we do there is always great food and even better conversation. Usually about food, sometimes travel!

Dani describes herself as a writer, eater, traveller and cook. Everything she does is linked by a simple idea: leading people to great food experiences. Like me, Dani is passionate about food because she loves connecting with people, and especially connect with people through food. She believes good food is central to a life well-lived. It’s nourishment and energy. It’s a way to gather – in the field, the market, in the kitchen and at the table. It’s culture, ritual, history and future. It’s art, craft and science. It’s sensual and it can get emotional. If you have tasted her Basque cheesecake you too will cry with joy.

With over 20 years’ experience as a food journalist, travel author, recipe developer and authorised Thermomix cookbook writer, she was my first pick for someone to share stories with about food. The only disappointment is that we were unable to find a time to record this over a meal, instead recording from our respective offices in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Grab a cuppa and some delicious food, and settle in to listen to Dani Valent.

Dani Valent

You can connect with Dani via her websites www.danivalent.com. You can also connect with Dani on Twitter and Instagram @danivalent.

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What Dani Valent and I talked about

  • her unique skill
  • being a restaurant critic
  • one of her favourite stories – talking to a young gay Turkish chef
  • how food is love
  • the culture, the history and connection with traditions around the world
  • Tinder for restaurants
  • Travelling alone and the kindness of strangers
  • Paulie Gee’s pizza in Brooklyn
  • Danny Myer – Setting the Table
  • Ruth Reichl – Garlic and Sapphires
  • Hosting a successful event
  • Celebrity interviews
  • Upcoming food trends
  • Building meals around one particular ingredient
  • Writing for Lonely Planet

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