Jeremy Watkins (aka the Barefoot Leader) is one of my favourite peeps and so it was an absolute pleasure to chat with him when we were both in Melbourne last week.

Jeremy works with Senior Leaders, Corporate Executives, Business Owners and their teams across Australia and internationally to help them develop new insights, that increase their influence and maximise their impact as leaders. He is on a mission to free leaders and emerging leaders from default patterns of thinking and behaving, so they refocus the attention of their energies and re-train themselves for the future of work.

If you listen to this episode with Jeremy, you will realise why he says the future of leadership is not important, it’s VITAL.

And a word of warning – we go deep quickly in this episode as we talk about the death of our loved ones and the impact this has on life.

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Jeremy Watkins

What Jeremy Watkins and I talked about

  • being deeply human
  • lightbulb moments
  • the impact of death on life – and how it helps you prioritise what’s important
  • making conscious decisions, decision fatigue and simplifying life
  • tracking our physical, emotional and spiritual energy
  • the importance of sleep and exercise
  • addiction
  • making big life changes
  • creating habits
  • Adam Alter – Irresistible
  • James Clear – Atomic Habits
  • Let my People go Surfing – Yvon Chouinard
  • Born to Run – Christopher McDougal
  • Close to the Wind – Pete Goss

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