I’ve said many times recently that the irony of our increasingly connected world is that we – as individuals and as organisations – are becoming more disconnected than we ever have before.

I can’t remember where I first heard this analogy but I love it – we all carry around our smartphones as though they are epi-pens and we all have a fatal illness. Isn’t it great?

In this podcast minisode I question why this is. I ask what’s stopping us from being connected, and I reflect on a few comments I made in the last minisode. I ask what’s stopping us from being connected, and I suggest it’s so often because of our addiction to our phones. So many of us struggle with nomophobia – that fear of not knowing where our phones are. Is this you? Do you have that little heart flutter when you’re not sure where your phone is?

I also reflect on how social media and our phones are designed to be addictive.

Adam Alter, in his excellent book Irresistible reminds us that addiction is produced largely by environment and circumstance. And the environment and circumstance this digital age places us in are far more conducive to addiction than anything we have experienced in our history.

addicted to your smartphone

In this episode I talk about:

  • how social media is shaping our brains,
  • creators of smartphones and apps study user behaviour to determine which colours, fonts, audio tones maximise engagement and minimise frustration
  • I ask how addicted are you – take the test! And let me know your score 🙂
  • How can you become less addicted?
  • What’s your current screen time? Which apps do you use the most?
  • Convert your phone to greyscale
Create your personal tech policy

What’s one thing you can do now so you’re in control over your device and it doesn’t control you?

  • Is there an app you can delete?
  • Can you set a tech-free time during the day / week?
  • At work can you talk to your colleagues rather than emailing them all the time?
  • Do you really need your phone on the table in meetings? Or when eating dinner with your family?
  • Are their parts of your home that can be device free? What about your bedroom?
  • How often do you turn your phone onto flight mode?

I’m certainly not advocating for no technology!! But what I am suggesting is that you create a tech policy so YOU are in charge.

What are you going to do to manage your technology use? Are you going to create a tech policy for home or work? What’s one thing you will do? I’d love to know. You can connect with me on LinkedIn or twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #thisconnectedlife and tagging me @melkettle

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