We hear a lot that we need to be more human.

This was certainly a theme at Social Media Marketing World when I attended in San Diego last month.

Why is being human so important? Well mainly because people do business with people they know, like and trust, and a great way to earn trust is to show your human side.

But what exactly does “be more human” mean?

For me, it comes down to authenticity. Being real. Showing up as who you are. And when things unexpectedly go awry, going with the flow. As much as you can!

When you’re more human, people are more forgiving when you make a mistake. Whether it’s an individual mistake or a brand mistake.

One of my favourite examples of a brand being more human is when Asos accidentally printed 17,000 bags with a typo. Rather than pulping them, they called the print run a “limited edition”. More than 8,100 retweets and 48,000 likes later, it’s clear customers loved their response.

As a business owner, things go wrong ALL THE TIME. It’s how we react to glitches, bloopers and errors that can give us our point of difference, and help our clients relate to us.

This morning I was a guest on my friend Jamie’s live video show to talk about social media and my book. We had been looking forward to it for weeks! I’d set my alarm for 5am, made my top half presentable, slapped on some makeup. By 5.50am I was ready and Jamie was making me laugh!

We went live at 6am (my time, Jamie is in Vancouver so it was a respectable 1pm for him!), and had some great engagement from viewers. About 22 minutes in I suddenly lost all sound and couldn’t see – or, critically, hear – Jamie. However, weirdly, everyone watching could see and hear us both! We continued on, communicating over Facebook Messenger, before a fairly inelegant ending!

You can watch it below in all its glory…

In the words of one viewer: “it couldn’t have happened at a better time with her talking about letting things happen and being natural”!

If you were watching, we will be scheduling in another time for another chat! And hopefully with more reliable tech at my end!!

When were you more human in business? And how did people react? I’d love to know.

Mel Kettle is all about connection, communication and collaboration. She works with CEOs, leaders and teams to help them better communicate and collaborate (online AND offline) to achieve better relationships, revenue and results. Mel is a facilitator, trainer, speaker, author and mentor who provides practical advice that achieves results while having some fun!

Download her latest whitepaper, The Social CEO – from invisible to influencer or order a signed copy of her book, The Social Association. To inquire about working with Mel, please email mel@melkettle.com or call her on 0404 600 889.

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