Video is increasingly important as a business communication tool, but thanks to advancing smartphone technology, it doesn’t need to be complex or expensive.

Why video is important

Video is one of the best ways to get your message across to your audience. By 2019, video will be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic. And if you are trying to explain something to your audience, then four times more people would rather watch an explanation than read it.

Trust is essential in business, and video is a great way to help build that trust. Click To Tweet

Trust is essential in business, and video is a great way to help build that trust. Video lets people have access to you, which means they get to know you better. It’s also an excellent way to show authenticity, especially when you use live video such as Facebook Live or Instagram Stories.

A guide to recording video on your smart phone

If you’re anxious about putting your face on video, try not to be. Remember that video isn’t about you, it’s about your audience. However, if you’re scared of getting in front of the camera just pretend you’re on a video call to someone you love.

The good news is that most people don’t expect live video to be fancy or scripted or beautifully presented. Do it when you have something to say and don’t worry as much about what you look like.

If you’re not convinced yet, then know that Facebook rewards video (especially live video), and pushes it to the top of the feed of the people who like your page.

How to record video on your smart phone

These days, thanks to advances in smart phone technology, it’s quite simple to record high-quality videos without spending big bucks on camera equipment.

Thanks to advances in smart phone technology, it’s quite simple to record high-quality videos Click To Tweet

A few tips for good video:

  • Use a tripod to hold your phone so you don’t get the wobbles
  • Use a lapel microphone (see equipment list below) so the sound quality is as good as it can be
  • Make sure you have good lighting and can see your face clearly in the phone – if you’re not sure, record a quick test and play it back to check
  • Try and choose a recording area that isn’t too noisy – if, like me, you live in a flight path that is constantly noisy regardless of whether every door and window is closed, you might want to just get used to the stop/start, and be really good at editing chunks out!
  • Position the phone so it films in landscape (horizontally)
  • If you’re doing live video, make sure you have a strong internet connection that won’t drop out
  • Prepare your content in advance, but don’t script it – it’s far more natural if you speak “off the cuff”, but use a few dot points to guide you
  • Put your phone in do not disturb mode so you don’t get any unwanted phone calls while filming!
  • Give the camera lens on your phone a quick clean so any finger smudges don’t get in the way
  • Make sure you have enough space on your phone to record
  • RECORD A SHORT TEST VIDEO to make sure everything is working. There is nothing more frustrating than finding out after your 30-minute video that it had a glitch.

Recording equipment for making videos with your phone


  • A smartphone with the latest updates – I use an iPhone 7
  • A lapel microphone – I use a Rode SmartLav+
  • Lapel microphone extension – I use the RODE SC1 TRRS Extension Cable for SmartLav+ 
  • Tripod – I have a mini tripod and a full-size tripod and have had both for years. Have a look at what’s available on eBay.
  • Bracket mount holder for your phone such as one like this


  • Use the camera app on your phone to take photos and video
  • There are various editing software options, but when you’re just starting out, look at using free software. I use iMovie on my phone (it’s Mac and iOS only) or if you have an Android, then check out this list of free software. There are plenty of how-to videos on YouTube if you get stuck.

And if you want to see just what you can do on your smartphone, check out this beautiful ad for Bentley, shot on iPhone 5s and edited on an iPad. In the car. #loveit

Mel Kettle works with associations, not-for-profits and businesses to help them communicate effectively and authentically so they attract, retain and engage their members and customers. To inquire about working with Mel, please email or click here. To download Mel’s short guide on How to Use Social Media to Recruit, Retain or Engage Members, click here.

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