Case study – C&K

The client

The Creche & Kindergarten Association Limited (C&K) is a not for profit organisation with over 400 services providing long day care, kindergarten and family day care programs throughout Queensland.


The challenge

While C&K had a marketing strategy, it had little emphasis on digital communication and social media, therefore they were missing out on branding and marketing opportunities to their target market, who have a very strong online presence (especially on Facebook). C&K also needed to recruit a team member with the necessary skills to implement the social media strategy.

The solution

Mel Kettle worked closely with the C&K marketing and communications team to develop a social media strategy that aligned to C&K’s Strategic Plan and Marketing and Communications Plan. She also provided support in developing a social media policy.

The strategy identified:

  • core reasons C&K needed a greater digital presence – also presented to the Board and management team
  • which social channels to focus on in the immediate term, short term and longer term
  • tactics that would raise C&K’s digital profile to provide “quick wins” as well as longer term strategies.

Following the development of the social media strategy, Mel assisted with the recruitment of a suitable candidate to implement the strategy. This included providing feedback on the job description and ad, being on the selection panel and developing the scenario based questions for use in the interviews. Mel is also providing ongoing mentoring to the successful candidate.

Mel has also returned to C&K to present on social media trends and new platforms to a wider group including educators and other members of the corporate office, as well as the Marketing and Communications team. She adds value to her relationship with C&K by providing them with regular updates and information, including recommending other speakers for C&K events and external training and conferences that might be of interest.

The outcomes

  • C&K now has a significantly stronger communication presence within the digital space, and they are the market leader for Queensland child care services with regards to digital communication. This has resulted in increased brand awareness and subsequent enrolments.
  • In approximately 12 months C&K has increased its social media presence, following and engagement particularly on Facebook and twitter. They are also now starting to use Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, and have recently entered the world of live videos following a recent presentation Mel gave to the team.
  • There is a clear policy around who within C&K is responsible for managing the corporate social media accounts and the 400+ services are aware of their roles and responsibilities in terms of social media.
  • A new, dedicated team member is focused solely on managing social media and the digital strategy.


Mel has an outstanding level of contemporary knowledge about social media and how it can integrate with traditional marketing. The information she shared on a range of platforms was easily communicated to all our departments and this translated into a seamless integration of social media into C&K. Mel listened to our issues and worked with us to provide a solution tailored to our needs. What could have been a difficult process was made more enjoyable as Mel was a delight to work with.

Kim Douglas

General Manager, Marketing and Communications, The Creche & Kindergarten Association Ltd

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