A few weeks ago saw the release of the last episode of my initial foray into podcasting, The Activity Pod.

I’ve learnt a lot from the 25 episodes Annette and I recorded together. Including more productivity tips and tricks than I ever expected! I spoke with and met some incredible people, and I’m really grateful that they gave their time freely to us.

However what I realised is that as much as I love podcasting, I am really not that into the topic of productivity and accountability. So it’s time for me to focus more on my core interests health and wellbeing. I have many, many interests in this space, with some being:

  • how the health sector can effectively use social media to improve wellbeing
  • the challenges facing small business when it comes to the health of their people. Yes, I’m interested in the challenges facing bigger businesses too, but the financial impact on a small business when their people don’t perform due to illness, absenteeism and presenteeism can be truly debilitating
  • the role our food choices play in our mental and physical health
  • the impact of work related stress and anxiety on people, and on their organisations’ bottom line.

I’m excited to announce that today I  have launched a new podcast, A Great Recipe for Life. I will be having conversations with people who are doing what they love, and in some way, improving the lives of others. They are everyday people doing interesting and sometimes extraordinary things as they search for their great recipe for life. My first episode is with champagne educator, Amanda Reboul.

A great recipe for life podcast

I would like to give a massive thanks to my Activity Pod podcasting partner Annette Jones, but I would mostly like to thank our fabulous guests, without whom there would have been no Activity Pod. Thank you:

  • Julie Goodwin, cooking school owner, winner of S1 Masterchef Australia
  • Caz Makepeace, travel blogger
  • Spencer Howson, breakfast radio announcer, ABC612
  • Valerie Khoo, Australian Writers’ Centre
  • Darren Rowse, ProBlogger
  • Helen Crozier, Evernote expert
  • Alexx Stuart, Low Tox Life
  • Lillian Reekie, Parenting Strategist
  • Roslyn Saunders, Co-dependency Recovery Coach
  • Warwick Merry, professional speaker and author
  • Samantha Ford, crisis expert
  • Jo Whitton, Quirky Cooking
  • Loren Bartley, social media strategist
  • Chef Dominique Rizzo
  • Carly Jacobs, blogger
  • Fiona Redding, The Happiness Hunter
  • Dr Anita Heiss, author
  • Chef Cynthia Louise, wholefood chef
  • Jonathan Doyle, entrepreneur
  • Gabrielle Dolan, business storyteller
  • Jonathan Christian, consultant

And finally, thank you to our wonderful listeners. Those who sent feedback, those who told their friends to listen, those who wrote us reviews. But mostly, thank you just for listening. I’m really grateful.

If you haven’t listened to The Activity Pod, it’s not too late. You can find it on iTunes or Stitcher. And if you haven’t listened to all our episodes, then please do. And let me know your favourites.

Again, thank you.

And don’t forget to check out my new podcast, A Great Recipe for Life.

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