Yesterday I dragged myself out of bed far earlier than I’m comfy with, so I could go into the 612 ABC studio in Brisbane to chat about podcasting with Spencer Howson.

For those not familiar with Spencer, he is Brisbane’s #1 breakfast radio announcer. And has been #1 in 42 surveys since first achieving top spot at the end of 2006. So I was thrilled to be invited to talk to him on air.

Annette and I interviewed Spencer (or Spenny, as he is now known, now that he is an Australian citizen) for The Activity Pod and he was kind enough to invite us onto his show to chat podcasting for a few minutes.

If you missed it you can listen in here.

Spencer is also experimenting a bit with video, so you can watch a bit of us on radio too!

In the vid I talk about how I listen to podcasts in 1.5x speed when I go walking. It’s a great time saving tactic, especially when you like long podcasts but not so long walks!

What’s really cool, and is still giving me the giggles, is that the 28 seconds of audio in the video was also used by ABC’s promo team. Every day they make a 30 second promo featuring a highlight from the last breakfast show. But of course a 28 sec clip is too long, by the time they added the tag that says Breakfast with Spencer tomorrow morning from 5, so they had to speed up the clip about me talking about listening at 150%! Thanks guys!!

You can have a listen to that here – and compare to the video 🙂


And if you aren’t yet listening to The Activity Pod, what are you waiting for?



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