I’m still thinking of much of what was spoken of at ProBlogger, now nearly two weeks ago. One of the biggest points that resonated with me was Find Your Why.

Yes, it deserves upper case. Because It’s Important.

Sorry Susan and all my other spelling and grammar loving friends.

So what is My Why? 

Well, I’m not actually sure. Which, given that I am 45 years old, is kind of pathetic.

Finding my whyWhat I do know is this:

  • I value freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom to live my life in a way that meets my values and makes me happy.
  • I value love. The love I have for my family and friends. The love they have for me.
  • I value health and wellness. My physical, emotional and spiritual health. I try and do something everyday to improve each of these. Eat lots of veggies. Go for a walk. Take time to myself to read a good book. Spend time outside marvelling at the beauty of nature. Having a laugh.
  • I believe in creating my own opportunity. And I believe in taking responsibility for my life. No one else is going to!
  • I believe in living life. Life is short. Good people die too soon. Make the most of every day, it could be the last. Don’t take it for granted.
  • I believe in happiness. Happiness is a choice. Make it.
  • I believe in being positive. Even the darkest of dark times can have a sliver of light and hope. Cling to that.
  • I believe in learning and education. And I don’t just mean formal education. Everyday provides opportunities to learn. Read books, watch documentaries, observe the people around you. Be generous with your knowledge and share it with those who ask.
  • I believe in common courtesy. I have no time for people who are rude. You just need to wake up to yourselves.
  • I am grateful for the opportunities life has given me. For the family I was born into, the time in which I was born, the country in which I was lucky enough to be born in, and the country I am grateful to call home. While I don’t believe in luck per se, where we are born is a roll of the dice, and mine came up lucky.
  • I believe in kindness and generosity of spirit. If you are a selfish meanie you can just nick right out of my life as I don’t want you in it. Got it?
  • I believe that givers gain. Do things for others because it is a kind, or good, or generous thing to do. Don’t do it because you expect something from that person in return. If you don’t volunteer your time, then think about it. You’ll be surprised at what you get back.
  • I believe in gratitude. Say thank you. Be appreciative for what you have. If you struggle with this, then follow Humans of New York on Facebook. Every post will make you think.
  • I’m happy when I’m cooking to feed those I love. Or even those I just like. I cook with love. My favourite times have been sharing a meal (and some drinks) with those I love, those whose opinions I value, those whose time I am grateful for. Food binds people together in a way that non-food gatherings just don’t.
  • I’m happy when I’m travelling and exploring new places. These can be in my backyard or further afield. Travel opens the mind, the soul and the spirit. Try it.
  • I value honesty. Integrity. Truthfulness. Justice. Karma.
  • I’m happy when I’m on my own and can cherish the peace and solitude. And a good book. And control of the TV remote!

So from all this, I need to come up with My Why.

What is your why?


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