Argh! It’s always so nerve wracking hitting go on a new website!

I hope you like it! It’s not perfect, but if I waited for perfection, I would still be writing the first site I launched about seven years ago!

Why the change I hear you ask. Simple really. My previous website didn’t allow for all the functionality I wanted, and it was a bit tricky to blog (hence the old site – u.g.l.y.). 

I’ve kept this version reasonably similar to the old with look and feel. The biggest difference is I have moved to a .com address rather than a – but don’t worry, the old url points to this one.

A huge thanks to Kylie Meller from Duosista for sorting out the technical side of it all, and for keeping me sane when little blippy things went wrong.

A new website...and a few tips to make

A few things I’ve learned from upgrading websites:

  1. allow about five times more time than you think you will need
  2. check ALL links – there are bound to be a few gremlins (and possibly still a broken link or two…)
  3. never assume the simple, related tasks are going to be quick and easy (two hours to load a new email address onto my mac. Haven’t yet tackled loading it onto my phone…)
  4. use the right passwords for the right thing. See point 3 to understand my point. Sigh.
  5. if you ask people their opinions expect someone to say they hate it. Er, I didn’t want a NEGATIVE opinion!!
  6. even if you’re not a good writer, write the first draft of at least a few pages yourself so someone else can tidy it up – this puts your voice on it, and a good copy editor should be able to maintain that flow.
  7. it’s really hard to write an about me page that doesn’t sound arrogant! Pretending you are writing to a good friend will make it sound less stilted.

What are your tips about writing a website? or upgrading an old one?

And do you have any feedback for me on this site?

P.S. I know the photo above isn’t very websitey, but isn’t it cool? The balls are acoustic thingies on the ceiling of the Royal Albert Hall in London. They kept changing colour – I think I took thirty photos of them when I was there for a concert my friend Andy took me to! All on my iphone without the flash.


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