Twitter is really easy to use.

You sign up at, fill in a few details (make sure you use your 160 characters to describe yourself), add a fabulous photo and a link to your website and you are off and running!

When I say fabulous photo – please, please, please make it one of you or someone in your team – after all, twitter is about people talking to people.

twitter for business

Twitter lets you say what you like in 140 characters or less. You can follow people, they can follow you. You can block people you don’t like.

If you know me, you will know that I absolutely am madly in love with twitter, and have been since I first signed up over six years ago.

It is a brilliant business tool that makes it easy to build and nurture relationships, but it has also provided me with loads of fabulous personal opportunities and experiences.

Some of the things you can use it for are:

  • networking – and you don’t have to change out of your PJs, put makeup on or do your hair!
  • developing your brand and increasing brand awareness
  • giving and getting referrals – I pass many, many referrals on twitter, and equally, almost all of my speaking engagements and the majority of my clients in the last three to four years have come about via people I’ve talked to on twitter
  • sharing content – link blog posts and share other people’s content
  • finding suppliers – some of the services providers I’ve found via twitter are website developer, plumber, carpenter, graphic designers, food producers, cafes and restaurants to eat at, hotels to stay at, new friends to meet when travelling, and so much more!
  • listening to what your customers like/don’t like and want so you can provide better customer service
  • talking to your customers – chances are many of your clients will now expect you to be on social media and will be contacting you that way
  • creating a community – and finding your tribe
  • finding staff
  • getting advice and information from experts
  • providing better customer service.

There is much I love about twitter, but #1 are all the fabulous people I’ve met built relationships and friendships with over the last six-plus years. These have come about through chatting – yes, about work and business, but more so about life and love and what makes the world go around.

Just like face to face networking, twitter helps you build rapport with people, which can often result in a trusted relationship. They are the sorts of people I want to do business with. Either as prospective clients, but more often I give them business.

I’ll be blogging more about how to make twitter work for you over coming weeks. But in the meanwhile, feel free to follow me – @melkettle – and tweet me any questions.

Or if you’re not yet convinced, get in touch and I’ll be happy to chat.

Are you using twitter for business? If not, why not??

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